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iSketch104 by Jorge Colombo

Paired: Jorge ColomboLizzie Skurnick 

Grand Central, Track 23

I forgot to tell you it’s almost time to go.
The sun has distilled its particular worn essence
And the glittering trout is flipped on the bow.

A man asks me what time it is. I don’t know.
I have emptied my purse and wept in the presence
Of onlookers. I forgot to remember to go

Before eleven, when the steely arrow
Shot swimming to its underneath, tense
As a stream of salmon in reverse below

The laureled, relentless clocks. The sceptered row
Of columns dreams one o’clock, immense,
Inviolate. What time is it? I don’t know.

This story concerns the night I tried to go—
Though many times I flopped into the silence
Of orange plastic seating like onto the bow

Of a lonely ship, and felt my breathing slow.
The frail, retreating stand of columns prevents
The clocks from telling me time and time again to go.

At my feet, a glittering trout swims past the bow.

Lizzie Skurnick

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’re introducing a new series called Paired, which will feature a 20x200 edition alongside a poem selected by a team member, friend, or collector each day in April. Submissions are welcome! Please write us at hello@20x200.com.

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Hay Harvest, New Jersey by Shuli Hallak

PairedShuli Hallak + John Updike


I sometimes fear the younger generation will be deprived

of the pleasures of hoeing;
there is no knowing
how many souls have been formed by this simple exercise.

The dry earth like a great scab breaks, revealing
moist-dark loam—
the pea-root’s home,
a fertile wound perpetually healing.

How neatly the green weeds go under!
The blade chops the earth new.
Ignorant the wise boy who
has never rendered thus the world fecunder.

John Updike

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’re introducing a new series called Paired, which will feature a 20x200 edition alongside a poem selected by a team member, friend, or collector each day in April. Submissions are welcome! Please write us at hello@20x200.com.

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Why I Want the Veronica Mars Movie to Make a Billion Dollars

A year ago this week, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign was launched. As big, huge, enormous fans of the show, Jeffrey and I were early backers, and watched with giddy anticipation that first day as the contributions poured in. He wanted to go in on the movie premiere package, but I talked him out of it because money was tight. 

Jeffrey died a few months later. Both our friend Marybeth and I mentioned during his memorial how unfair it was that he would miss the Veronica Mars movie, and how bummed he would be. 

Imagine how blown away I was a couple of weeks later when a personal message signed by Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast arrived in my mailbox. A little birdie tipped off @IMKristenBell on Twitter and I will be forever grateful for this act of thoughtful kindness.

We had already started watching the series with our daughter Celeste. Celeste and I continued watching the rest of the three seasons in the months that followed. In addition to being a smart, witty kick ass feminist hero, Veronica, in mourning for her friend Lily, was modeling grief for us. Maybe Veronica, Logan, Eli and their peers weren’t always grieving in the most healthy or “correct” way (whatever that means), but seeing them get through it, bit by bit, and even find moments of happiness and love, gave me hope. 

The months crawled by. I would see the Kickstarter updates from creator Rob Thomas whenever I checked Jeffrey’s email, and every time I would feel a wistful pang. There were contests to win tickets to the movie premiere, but I just didn’t have the wherewithal to enter. I’d see the film along with everyone else and I’d continue to watch the excitement around the run up to the premiere from afar. 

Then I got a series of texts from my good friend Susan. If she could get me to the Veronica Mars panel in L.A.’s Paleyfest, could I make my way down there? Thanks to my wonderful generous sisters I could, and I did! 

The panel started with the documentary about the making of the Veronica Mars movie (which will be included on the DVD release). If you couldn’t see the self-effacement and gratitude of Thomas, Bell and the rest of the cast in their interviews these past months, you haven’t been paying attention, but this documentary will dispel all doubt. They are thrilled to have the opportunity to work together again, they LOVE their fans, and they did absolutely everything in their power to make a movie the fans would love. There are several genuinely touching moments in the documentary.

After months of fan events at ComicCon, SXSW and elsewhere, Rob and the cast still made time to sign autographs and pose for pictures at Paleyfest. I even got a picture with Ryan Hansen (who, by the way is SUPER nice and nothing like Dick Casablancas).

I’ll be watching the digital download of the Veronica Mars movie we got with our Kickstarter contribution tonight with Celeste. I hope you will see it in the theater or via digital download on iTunes or Amazon or Flixster. If the determination, heart, decency and kindness of Rob Thomas and his cast can translate to box office success, Veronica Mars will be a smash.

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parade about to begin (at Chinese New Year Festival & Parade)

twenty-five to four on a grey Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. (at San Francisco)


Spent the last week or so in Southern California (visiting some new potential retailers!).  One night, we arrived in LA around 8pm for a concert, and realized we had nowhere to stay the night.  We hopped on our phones, and checked Airbnb, and the first listing that came up was this Malibu Airstream trailer.  It seemed like a no brainer, so without very much discussion, we booked it for the night.  We spoke to the owner, who told us that the airstream would be unlocked for our arrival.  

We went to the show, then headed to our new home for the night in the hills of Malibu. Following the owners directions to “speed up before the steep gravely hill so you don’t start to slide” the reality of our accommodations started to sink in.  Totally remote.  Dirt roads.  No sign of any other humans.  However, after miles of windy roads, we found ourselves on the top of a mountain, with a perfect little Airstream trailer waiting for us, lit only by the full moon that night. The surrounding 360 degree view of the Malibu hills and Pacific Ocean in the distance left us with nothing to say.  In the morning we woke up, again, speechless.  

A perfect reminder of the importance of spontaneity.   

This could convince me to use airBNB for the first time!

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#nowplaying You guys! I love this album.

#car53 from #car58 #cablecar (at California Street Cable Car)

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”
― G.K. Chesterton

“Fear isn’t so difficult to understand. After all, weren’t we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It’s just a different wolf.”
― Alfred Hitchcock

“Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told to me in my childhood than in the truth that is taught by life.”
― Friedrich von Schiller

I think what a lot of people fail to realize is that fairy tales are about emotional truths. No one reads a fairy tale and thinks that they may literally have to slay an ogre, or steal the golden goose, or wear out seven pairs of iron shoes and dress in a thousand furs to find the prince, but some people criticize them, saying this is unrealistic, this is all there is to the tale. Put a little thought into it. In your life, you may not have to climb mountains to find the home of the north wind, but you might have to ask someone intimidating for help. You may never have to trick the wicked prince into looking into the glass-filled barrel, or the witch into peering into the oven, but you might have to sacrifice someone else’s comfort for your own wellbeing. Your mother might not be wicked, but sometimes you’ll be angry with her. You might not be turned into a Beast, but sometimes it feels like there’s nothing about you worth loving. Fairy tales remind you of that. They remind you that there are troubles and trials, and that this is normal. It is the way of things, and you’ll come through it. (via agreyeyedgirl)

That Chesterton quote doe. 

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I love this. I’m not even capable of expressing how much.

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if you don’t love @apexer there is something wrong with you (at Shooting Gallery)

New Amanda Marie show @whitewalls is great! @seeyouthroughit (at White Walls)


make your cocktails correctly. death to sour mix.

The first time I remember thinking I’d like to try a daiquiri!

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